How SEO Revival Helped a Small Site in a Highly Competitive Niche



The Growth Challenge is a very small site in the very competitive Supplements Niche. They’ve got some amazing products which they develop themselves, thanks to the fact that their founder is an expert in the space with over 10 years of experience.

However, the site needed a lot of links and a lot of content to rank anywhere close to the first page for their products’ commercial keywords.

The Solution

Since they didn’t have the authority to rank for the big commercial keywords, my strategy for them focused on writing about adjacent keywords higher up in the funnel. The main goals were to:

  1. Leverage the founder’s expertise to raise the website’s E-E-A-T
  2. Identify informational keywords so they can start ranking for relevant terms and capture users on the upper end of the funnel. Then, we can re-target them with ads on social media.
  3. Monetize the informational articles that are low enough in the funnel
  4. Outreach to industry-relevant websites to gain backlinks and increase their domain authority so that they can rank for harder and more profitable keywords

The Results

Their non-brand clicks have increased by 25.47% and their non-brand impressions have increased by 21.47%.

They even started getting sales from SEO, and now organic traffic accounts for 11% of their overall sales.

This is a really good result, given that it’s come after only a few SEO articles, and the fact that we used a small link building budget. We’ve managed to improve their rankings using only On-Page, Technical SEO, and mainly free high-quality links.