Hey there!
I’m Velin, but my friends call me Lino. I like all things sci-fi, pasta and kung fu.

Marketing isn’t just what I do; it’s my biggest passion! In a world full of ways to shout your brand’s message, I’ve chosen SEO as my conduit for impact. Why? Because out of the hundreds of ways to promote your business, SEO is one of the most powerful tools to get your products in front of your ideal audience.

Over the years, I’ve tried many different tactics in SEO, and I’ve done it all: from Link Building to Keyword Research, SEO Strategy to Content Creation, and everything in between. My journey has been diverse, catering to clients spanning a spectrum of niches – from VPNs, game design courses, coffee, supplements, martial arts, and many more.

My approach to SEO is all-encompassing. I don’t just work to optimize your website – I strive to take it to the next level! By aligning your brand’s essence with my strategies, I ensure that every move resonates with your overarching vision and aspirations.

I analyze all the tactics that work well in your niche and identify all the opportunities your competitors aren’t taking advantage of. I thrive on uncovering opportunities that deliver tangible results. Working seamlessly with writers and cross-functional teams, I craft content engineered not just to rank, but to generate revenue.

In the labyrinth of Technical SEO, I’m your trusted guide. From conducting comprehensive website audits to enhancing page speed and troubleshooting technical glitches, I’ve got you covered. And when it comes to Link Building and Digital PR, I always get the optimal impact for your budget.

Let’s elevate your online presence together!